Join in this year's special ball run, sponsored by the men's grooming company, Manscaped! A pack of 150 numbered purple balls will race down the track before the official Running of the Balls, and the FIRST BALL to the finish wins a $3,000 "Fly, Stay, and Play" Recreation Package! (See below for details.)

Your donation supports the Park City Rotary Club and "We Save Balls" - the partnership between Manscaped and the Testicular Cancer Society. Now you can grab some balls and save some too!

Grab a Purple Ball Today!

  • $1,000 Delta Gift Card

    Travel to the destination of your choice with Delta Airlines.

  • $1,000 Marriott Hotels Gift Card

    Stay at any Marriott Hotels property. Also good for spa days, culinary experiences, and more...

  • $1,000 JANS Park City Shopping Spree

    Shop for mountain recreation equipment & apparel, online or in person. Ski, bike, fly fish - from the mountain recreation experts!

Manscaped Platinum Package 4.0

Winners also receive the Platinum Package, a full-body luxury grooming and hygiene kit, valued at $259.

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